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Coalition for Science Literacy

Our Mission

The Coalition for Science Literacy (CSL) is a center for driving positive, innovative change that ignites and fosters lifelong learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). For 20 years, CSL has pursued this mission. We focus on making STEM learning opportunities available and accessible for educators and students of all ages. We are recognized by our research, curriculum development, instrument and program design, program evaluation, and advanced leadership development. Our team includes faculty, administrators, and others who are able to tap the resources of the community, the university at large, and an established network of thousands of professionals through ongoing collaborative relationships.


We take pride in the services we provide and the ways in which our work touches the lives of learners. We also take pride in the ways in which CSL continues to evolve as we address advances in educational strategies, technology, and the needs of our constituents. We are pleased that you are interested in our work and invite you to let us know if we can collaborate with you to further mutual goals.

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